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  1. Salya Nov 22, 2013

    interesting group. I love fanfictions. I read and write them. xD

  2. bemi Sep 24, 2012

    new to MT and the group as well... so glad i found this site and happy to get to know all of you guys!

  3. teriakey Jul 28, 2011

    it look like a good club i will join

  4. ennostiel Feb 20, 2010

    how are you?
    It's a long time ^^ Someone remeber me? lol

  5. simply-5th-heirloom Dec 18, 2009

    advance merry xmas to all!

  6. HotaruZala Aug 01, 2009

    It's kinda quiet around these parts, maybe we need to come up with another contest or little game to liven things up ne ladestiny-chan?^^

  7. ladestiny92 Jun 08, 2009

    Quote by kayomisorry i dont know how to do all the things required so i guess i cant join = ( [wahh wahh] p.s you kinda make it hard to join.

    Wha? but i didnt put any requirement to join...xD
    You can just join f you want, if you like reading fanfictions...^^
    That's the whole reason for this group anyway...xD

  8. kayomi May 04, 2009

    sorry i dont know how to do all the things required so i guess i cant join = ( [wahh wahh] p.s you kinda make it hard to join.

  9. ennostiel Feb 23, 2009

    thanks to add my fic ;-)

    merged: 03-24-2009 ~ 09:26am
    Ok if you can read french, I updated one of my asuca's fic. it's a UA ;-)


    merged: 03-31-2009 ~ 07:17pm

    new french asuca's story :

  10. HotaruZala Jan 23, 2009

    Heyas everyone! Long time no see huh? Lol...well I finally got through my writers block on this chapter, so it should prove to be quite interesting. You'll get to see some of Millay's twisted thinking in action as she plots to expose the

  11. Zaza4 Jan 13, 2009


    This is my first new vector.

    The new wallpaper.

  12. HotaruZala Dec 31, 2008

    Happy New year everyone!^^ *hugs* I've decided to add another new years resolution to my list and that is to get my group the Prince Of Poison and this awesome fanic group more active in the upcoming year, so everyone be ready for it. ladestiny-chan! *hugs* I miss you! lol

  13. ladestiny92 Dec 03, 2008

    Okie Hotaru-chan...^^
    It's been a while since I read a Gundam Seed fic...or any anime fic...*sigh*
    I'll read ur fics soon and^^

  14. HotaruZala Dec 01, 2008

    hi ladestiny chan!^^ *hugs* It's okay...I was inactive for a little while movie maker is giving me trouble, so I have to put amv making on hold for awhile until it's fixed. lol...I'm sure I can come up with something interesting for us to do here that would make things more lively.^^ Since Christmas is coming up, I think now might be the best time to do some creative fics to celebrate the holiday season...give me a few days and I'm sure I'll come up with something.^^ I finally managed to update my two fics Zala Files and His Favorite Things, so everyone stop by, check them out, and review them pretty please!^^ lol

    -His Favorite Things -

    -The Zala Files -

    JCzala...I'm going to check out your new AsuCaga story as soon as I finish all my updates.^^ I can't wait to read it!^^

  15. ladestiny92 Nov 22, 2008

    I'm sorry I haven't been active...*bows*
    I was busy with another forum...trying to get more people to join it...^^

    Hotaru-chan, it seems like no one joined the Autumn contest...hehe....It's winter already too...*sigh*

    So, just want to ask, do you have any ideas to make this group more lively? *stabs myself for being inactive*
    It's just that...this group seems a little dead....*stabs myself again*
    You and JC-chan are the members who frequently visit this group too....*stabs myself again*

    Oh, btw, does anyone knows about JE? If you do, pls PM me...^_^ There's something I wanna discuss...^^

  16. HotaruZala Nov 17, 2008

    welcome to the group zaza4-chan and's great to have u here and sorry for the late reply. lol...I think we need to think of some fun game or something to liven things up around here since it's been pretty quiet...anybody have any ideas? lol

    merged: 11-18-2008 ~ 05:17am
    Heyas minna!...Finally, here I am with another update. Lol Lots of funny and interesting things will be taking place in this chapter, but I won't tell you what they are because that would ruin the surprises. Lol...Anyways, I'll cut my opening babble short and get on with this chapter...I hope you all enjoy this one as it was really fun to write. - smiles-

    Story Title: Masquerade

    Category: Code Geass

    Chapter: 4

    Chapter Title: Leave It To Zero

    Genre: Romance/Humor

    Rating: T with M implied but not explained

    Summary: This story revolves mostly around Kallen's love for who she thinks are two different men: Zero and Lelouch. What will our elusive Britannian conqueror do when he comes to realize that it's not just Zero that Kallen harbors feelings for, but him too.

  17. JCzala Nov 04, 2008

    New chapter from JC-zala,

    Category: Gundam Seed
    Title: Her Kind of Love
    Chapter: 3
    Chapter Title: A Dream and Her Decision
    Genre: Romance/Adventure
    Rating: Fiction Rated: T
    Summary: Engaged to a man she didn

  18. HotaruZala Oct 28, 2008

    ladestiny-chan! *hugs* lol...I'm working on a fic for the contest and I'm pretty sure I shall have it done by the deadline...I hope to see lots of people participating.^^ If u need me to spread the word again on livejournal I can.^^

  19. JCzala Oct 21, 2008

    New story from JC-zala,

    Category: Gundam Seed
    Title: Her Kind of Love
    Genre: Romance/Adventure
    Rating: Fiction Rated: T
    Summary: Engaged to a man she didn’t love, Cagalli Yula Hibiki is
    determined to escape her fate—even if it means running away from home and
    dealing with a handsome yet clever agent, Athrun Zala.


    Enjoy my new Fanfic! :D :D :D

    Updated Fic:

    Category: Gakuen Alice
    Title: Obsession
    Chapter: 44
    Chapter Title: Mirror and Love
    Genre: Romance/General
    Rating: Fiction Rated: T
    Summary: Sakura Mikan, innocent yet energetic, is Natsume’s lovely
    girlfriend. As his passion for her deepens, so does his obsession. With men
    head over heels for her, Natsume is unable to live quietly. As he protects
    her, he finds himself losing control.


    merged: 10-26-2008 ~ 03:44am
    Two new LelouchXC.C. fanfics for the fans who just love the couple! Fanfics are the only things satisfying my endless desire for the two to get together in the series. Hehe...

    Title: Nightly Visits
    Genre: Romance/Mystery
    Rating: Fiction Rated: K+
    Summary: He always comes to her, teasing, and whispering her name. She waits
    for him, not caring if she had to stay up all night. LelouchxC.C. One Shot.

    Title: Best Way to Describe Romance
    Genre: Romance/General
    Rating: Fiction Rated: K+
    Summary: What's the best way to describe Romance? For an immortal witch like
    C.C., the word is simply an empty feeling to her. But whenever she's with him,
    she realizes the true meaning of the word.

  20. HotaruZala Oct 11, 2008

    Heyas minna! I have returned from the middle of nowhere known as my town. Lol...I would like to start off by apologizing to all readers of this story for taking such a very long time to update, but things have been pretty hectic around here. I know that's no excuse, but my family comes first, and I appreciate all of you for being so patient with me. onto the last chapter...with as much time as I had to write it, I worked really hard to make it the best I could, so I hope you all enjoy there will be a sequel in the future. -smiles-

    Story Title: The Hotness Factor

    Category: Gundam Seed & Gundam Seed Destiny

    Chapter: 7

    Chapter Title: War For Two: Island Of Temptation Pt.III

    Genre: Romance/Humor

    Rating: T with M implied but not explained

    Summary: AXC. Cagalli takes a quiz in one of Lacus's magazines and leaves the magazine wide open on her desk. Athrun walks in while she is at a meeting and reads what she wrote about him...and he is anything but ecstatic. What's a poor Coordinator to do?

    ladestiny-chan! *hugs* don't worry about not being too active, there's a lot of tests and schoolwork going on for most people around here, so it's understandable. lol...I graduated college so I have no more school. I can be here all the time if I have to. lol...look!...I finally updated Hotness Factor...yay! lol

  21. ladestiny92 Oct 04, 2008

    Hi everyone....I'm sorry for being dead here for a long time....I'm such a bad admin...:(
    Wow, JC-chan....^^ So many fics....^^
    I'll read them when I've got the chance. The titles sounds interesting...

  22. tsubameongaku Sep 26, 2008

    Hotaru: LOL... I made my readers wait for almost a year. I am surprised they haven't hunted me down and bound me to the computer. xD So, don't worry about me. Finish what you have to finish because I have to finish my fic too. By the end of the month, we can talk about concepts. ^^

    Welcome, cherryblossomhikari

  23. HotaruZala Sep 24, 2008

    hi hi tsubame-chan!^^ I'll be free for a collaboration probably once this month is over because I have yet again to meet my deadline for Hotness Factor. lol...I must have rewrote that last chapter 5 times. lol...but now that I know I won't be making any more changes, I can finally start typing it. lol...I'm sure people are pretty pissed with me for waiting over 4 months, but hey...sometimes things come up and you get busy. lol...but anyways...I can do a collaboration with you hun no prob!^^

    @ JCzala: wow that's a lot of fics...I'll have to go check them out.^^ I know I was looking at Mythical Legends, but I haven't seen the others yet. lol

    Also...I'd like to welcome our newest member's great to have you here!^^ and sorry it took me so long to accept you, it's just been a pretty busy week for me. lol

  24. tsubameongaku Sep 23, 2008

    I do not know if this is the right place to ask this.

    Due to my lack of inspiration, I thought it might be fun to do a collaboration with someone. I am actually working on the last part of the "Thoughts Series."

    But I am slow at that. Is anyone here free for collaborating?

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